Ahmina Maxey at the People’s Movement Assembly, Detroit, 3/13/2010

24 Jan

From Detroit to Cancun, from Civil Rights to Human Rights and, the Rights of Mother Earth!

24 Jan

The Declaration of Interdependence

A Call to Cause and Plan of Purpose
After the Battle of Selma in 1967, Martin Luther King stated that “We have emerged from the era of civil rights to the Era of Human Rights,” and the following year he was assassinated.  Today in the summer of 2010, an entire ecosystem is being massacred in Gulf of Mexico and some 50 million human beings across the planet are projected to become climate refugees, forced into involuntary migration by climate change and the collapse into planetary climate chaos, a result of global warming and industrial greenhouse gas emissions.
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Resolution from Detroit to Dakar

24 Jan

Having deliberated on the living conditions of communities and peoples and seeing the appalling manifestation of failed neo-liberal economic policies, destructive consequences of unbridled global apartheid, poverty, lack of sovereignty and negative external influences we commit ourselves to resistance and reconstructing a people centered alternative.
We recognize the power of many more and make a commitment to link with other progressive struggles and call on others to stand in solidarity with this cause.
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Resolutions on Actions at the USSF

24 Jan

Resolution of the Detroit PMA on the USSF Social Forum Because Detroit is the epicenter of economic and social crises, because Detroit is a beacon of light in its radical and growing community response to these crises, because the USSF is coming to Detroit with thousands of activists from across the country and around the globe who will want to support Detroit
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Shared Vision for Detroit

16 Nov

Progress Presentation to ATF PDF

9 Nov

Detroit: Rebuilding an American City Powerpoint

4 Nov